Wire Controller with Battery before Connecting it with Panels

Wire Controller with Battery before Connecting it with Panels

Some customers found the controller in the kit get defective or unworkable just when they hooked up all parts of the solar system, which causes no current comes out from the panel to battery bank.

One possible reason for this faulty is incorrect wiring consequence, some unlucky buddy connect the solar panel to the controller first, and the controller get broken instantly.

Solar panel kit connection consequence

Connect the battery terminal lead to the charge controller FIRST, then connect the solar panel(s) to the charge controller.

NEVER connect solar panel to charge controller before the battery.

So the correct wiring rule for a complete solar system (panel array, controller, battery and inverter) is:

Step 1: Connect the controller with your battery

Step 2: Wire the controller to solar panel array

Step 3: Hook up the battery bank with the inverter

Is the wiring rule necessary and Why?

YES, the correct connecting consequence is crucial to build a solar system without faulty.

The battery source defines the system voltage, is a stable supply that allows programming of the charge controller, the key point for the wiring is how the controller receives its operating power to regulate solar power.


Though a controller may turn on with PV input, the power source from the panel is unstable, it’s current in floating voltage, and in some cases, the directly connection can damage the charge controllers if they lack certain protections.

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