Frequently Asked Questions about the Lithium Battery

Frequently Asked Questions about the Lithium Battery

Recently some of our customers purchased Lithium battery from Our company's major shopping platforms consulted us about many different types of after-sales problems about our lithium battery, in order to let you know more about lithium batteries, so in my spare time, I specially sort out your questions for your reference. Let’s go ahead~

Q&A of 10AH lithium battery

Q1:What is the voltage of over-discharge protection? Voltage of Overcharge protection?

A1: the voltage of over-discharge protection is 8.4V, the voltage of overcharge protection is 15V.

Q2: How to charge the lithium battery?

A2: you could charge it via solar panel or lithium battery charger. The choice of charger is particularly important, because some of our customers use lead-acid battery chargers to charge lithium batteries. There is no problem during the charging process, but the battery charging cannot be activated after the over-discharge cut off.

Q3: Can the car cigarette lighter be used to charge for battery?

A3: It can. but can not be charged fully. Because normally the full voltage of the car is lower than that of the lithium battery 14V, so it can not be fully charged, but if you add a voltage booster, it can also be fully charged. But if your car's full charge voltage is greater than 14V, it can be fully charged.

Q4: Can the battery be put in the box?

A4: Yes, but there must be a radiator. Before we have a customer to use in the box and placed it under good sun. He didn’t add radiator, as a result, the battery exceeded the temperature resistance value and burned directly, resulting in the destruction of the battery.

So please you must have a radiator if used it in the box.

Q5: Can be charged the battery after it runs out?

A5: Yes, but it need be actived firstly, then be charged. Some of our customers said it can’t be charged again after it runs out, because the charger he used have no lithium activation function , so please notice using correct and fitable charger with lithium activation function, thanks.

Q6: What are the benefits of using battery packs in series and parallel?

A6: connection in parallel can increase continuous current,connection in series can increase battery voltage. You can use or connect batteries according to your requirement, or you can contact our customer service on shopping platforms if you don’t know how to choose.

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