Getting Started with Solar Power

How Does Solar Power Work?
Solar panels harness energy from sunlight and a series of devices create usable energy for all kinds of electronics.

Our Off Gird system works like this:
Solar energy is harnessed by photo-voltaic or PV panels.
These panels send the energy to our battery bank (monitored by a device called a “charge controller”).
The energy from the batteries is sent to an “inverter” which changes the DC (direct current) power from the batteries into usable AC (alternating current).
The inverter sends power to our breaker box, which sends power to all outlets and fixtures just like in a “normal” house.

Solar Panels - These take the solar energy from the sun and turn it into electrical energy, electricity.
Batteries - Since the sun doesn't always shine, the electrical energy has to be stored somewhere for use in the meantime. We store it in batteries.
Charge Controller - This controls charging of the batteries, similar to how as a cell phone charger controls charging of a cell phone.
Service Box - This part you should be familiar with since you already have one of these. This is your breaker panel with all your breakers in it for in case there is an electrical short somewhere.
Loads/Appliances - Your lights, fridge, fans, clocks..
Inverter - Takes the power in the batteries and converts it into a form suitable for your loads/appliances. It also takes power from the generator and passes some through to your loads/appliances and uses some to charge the batteries.


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