How to Properly Charge My Lithium Battery? 

Charging Guide of ECO-WORTHY Lithium Battery




How to Power Your Spare Shed with Solar Energy

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Since the panels are obviously the key component in any solar power system, the maintenance of them would be critical for long-term energy production and stable efficiency. .

 ‘what is the difference between lead acid and lithium, and when should each battery type be used?’ Therefore, this article is aim at pointing out the differences between lithium battery and lead acid battery.

When weighing the decision of whether or not going solar makes sense for your roof or location, one of the first questions you may ask is 'how many sunr.... your belief.

An important clarification to make with the term “sun hour” is that it does not refer to merely hours of daylight. While many areas of the U.S. ....

So what is a starter kit exactly? A combination? Then what’s the difference between it and other solar power combinations?
Below some Q&A help you figure out the “Solar Starter Kit”

The three main methods you can connect multiple panels are connecting them in series, parallel, and series-parallel.

Off-grid systems, unlike grid-tied solar systems, have no connection to the utility grid, and must make all the electricity necessary to power your home....

The voltage system of the solar panel is divided into 12V and 24V, and solar panels of the same specification can be connected in series or in parallel. ....

Step 1: The battery ports of controller is connected to the battery. Note that the positive pole is connected to the positive pole and the negative pole is....

1. Connect the off grid inverter to the battery(Polarity '+" to "+","-" to "-"). 2. Connect the AC load to the output port of the inverter (If you....

Eco-Worthy focus on affordable solar panel system for suburbs resident.

Is there much of a difference between the two main types of batteries, lead-acid vs. lithium-ion?

Here we help you figure out the purpose of different inverters and how to select a compatible inverter for your solar system.

some unlucky buddy connect the solar panel to the controller first, and the controller get broken instantly. read this blog to find out why.

 A solar system is comprised of several different parts, and the solar controller is one of the least talked about, yet the most important one.

Solar generator is a device—usually working alongside solar panels. You can use portable solar products like solar generators as a backup power source if the grid goes down

Most frequent question & troubleshooting instruction regarding The ECO-WORTHY 120W Foldable Panel Kit

The efficiency and temperature relation and storage

Charging and discharging batteries is a chemical reaction, but it's claimed that Li-ion is an exception. 

Solar Module is also called solar PV Module. Solar Module is to connect the multi-mono solar panels in parallel or in series as needed.

Properly sizing fuses for photovoltaic (PV) systems is critical for the safe, reliable and long-term operation of this renewable power source.

CanaryMedia authour Eric Wesoff published a US solar review titled: "The solar industry in 2021: Big, complicated and kind of weird”

The EC has proposed that as of 2030 all-new buildings should emit no on-site carbon emissions from fossil fuels. 

 if you are a newbie in solar and want to do it yourself, we have some useful tips and suggestions for your solar power project.

Solar power system can not only give you the electricity, but also boost your house value.